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Take control of your inventory.

Sell directly to shoppers online through Recleau marketplace.



Your brand gets lost in the shuffle

If you don’t have a substantial direct-to-consumer base, your online retailers are in the driver’s seat. They dictate how your brand is positioned, which of your products are going to be sold, to whom and at what price.


...and we’re here to change that

We believe that technology should be used to connect designer brands with shoppers directly to create unique individualized experiences, and we thrive on developing such technology.


The first individualized marketplace

Recleau is the first online marketplace where brands can tailor their inventory offering to specific customer groups ranging from full-price to off-price shoppers. Each shopper’s page is personalized according to their individual preferences and their relationship with each brand.

What Makes Us Special

Our platform is designed to increase your brand’s exposure to potential shoppers and incentivize customers to purchase directly from you, increasing engagement and customer loyalty through every interaction.


Target New Customers with AI-Enabled Technology

Connect with new people that will love your products.  With our powerful AI-enabled tools, you can target the people who are right for your brand.


Manage Slow-Moving Inventory Through Private Deals

Offer promotions and discounts on various classes of your inventory to select groups of customers and insiders through private deals.


Turn Shoppers Into Repeat Customers   

Get to know your customers better. Group your existing customers, assign privileges, and drive personalized content to your insider groups.


Taking control of your inventory means more than just higher margins. Build brand following with your intended values. 

The future of online sales belongs to the brands.

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